Bordelaise bottle 75 cl – 12,00 euros


A.O.C. Côtes de Provence
Cuvée Classique
WHITE 2018

Variety – Exclusively Rolle, this Mediterranean variety is also known as Vermentino or Malvoisie. Its unique aroma is evidenced both in its youth and in later years spent in a bottle.

Soil – Thin, gravelly, located at the foot of the vineyard.

Climate – Mediterranean, tempered by regional factors : altitude 300 metres and the proximity of the Sainte-Victoire massif, which shelters it from the intrusive chill of the Mistral (wind) on its path from the Alps to the Mediterranean.

Yield – Despite its generous gold-speckled fruit, this does not exceed 30 hectolitres per hectare.

Harvesting – Mechanical, with a BRAUD 2420 harvester equipped with the latest articulated harvesting head, equally respectful of vine and grape. It enables early morning and nocturnal harvesting thereby ensuring fresh crops.

Vinification – Once the grape and its stalk have been separated and the harvest sorted, vinification commences with sessions of pellicular maceration at a temperature of 10° C. After hours of “drip-drying”, our pneumatic grape press takes over and ensures quality. Alcoholic fermentation takes approximately 12 days at a constant temperature of approximately 16° C.

Maturation – In enamelled vats and barrels which allows the maturation of fine lees and their weekly stirring (bâtonnage). The clarification occurs in February, filtration in March and bottling a month later.

Tasting commentary – This white, 100% Vermentino wine, reveals a colour robe of a very light yellow, brilliant with green reflections.
Its intense and complex nose is characterised by fruity notes (mango, passion fruit, pineapple) and floral notes (white flowers). On the palate, it reveals a beautiful freshness, a persistent fruit with aromas of citrus (pomelo) and exotic (pineapple and mango) before concluding on a mentholated tip.

Analyses : Degree : 12,50 % vol. – Total Acidity : 4,03 g/1 – pH : 3,22