The château de Pourcieux has remained until the present in the family of the Marquis d’Espagnet, many of whom served in the parliament of Provence.

A fine example of Provençal architecture, in 1993 the château was registered on the official inventory of Historic Monuments.

From time immemorial it has been an important site of viticulture and ranks among the most venerable vineyards of Provence.

Roman vestiges bear witness to its history; beneath the château its cellars contain monumental vats dating from the XVIIIth century and a collection of oak hogsheads which were assembled on the spot and are still in use today.

Since 1986 Michel d’Espagnet perpetuates the family tradition in close collaboration with his colleagues, the”maître de chai”, Jean-Christophe de Boisgelin, and his œnologist, Bernadette Tourrel.

With its laborers’ homes huddled close by the chateau and the music of its fountain plating in the shade of the century-old plane trees on the village square, Pourcieux and its population of approximately eight hundred is a live vignette of the Provence of Frédéric Mistral… a charming village with its sun-drenched vineyards sretching to the foot of the Monts Aureliens, opposite Cézanne’s famed Mont Sainte-Victoire.